// Barcelona / Las Ramblas - A sad day

18 August 17

Posted at 12:10


Las Ramblas - Barcelona 

I photographed this image a couple of days ago on Las Ramblas. On that Monday afternoon, Las Ramblas was the usual busy, vibrant & noisy place. I noticed a group of street dancers putting on a show as is the normal case, everyone enjoying themselves. Just before the show ended a guy got up from his drink at the café bar on the righthand side of my image. He gave the street dancers some money & asked if his friend could join in. His friend needed no encouragement and gave an impromptu performance of his own style street dance. The street dancers fell about laughing but still encouraged the guy and incorporated him into the performance. All the audience loved this & it was a moment in time that summed up the vibrant & spontaneity of this beautiful city. My favourite city in the world.

Fast forward a couple of days & the tragic news of the attack on Barcelona. The images I have been watching on the TV are a far cry from mine. Such a mindless, cowardly & horrible attack on innocent people, probably enjoying moments like this before being struck down. 

I know Barcelona will rise against this & not let the attackers & what they stand for win or conquer. Love you Barcelona.